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Learn to Play Hockey

The WJHA "Learn to Play Hockey" Program

Starts Saturday, October 25th at 11:40 a.m. in the front rink.

Our "Learn to Play Hockey" program focuses on building fundamental skills for beginners in a progressive "Station Format" which also emphasizes fun and incorporates actual game activity.

The cost for the season is $250.00


October (after Colombus Day) to Mid March

2 one hour sessions of ice time per week

Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings

All sessions are at Warwick Thayer Arena (front rink)


  • Saturday: 11:40am - 12:45pm

  • Tuesday: 6:10pm – 7:20pm


The following basic hockey skills will be taught and emphasized during the first year program:

• Hockey stance and balance

• Forward and backwards skating

• Turns

• Stopping and starting

• Puck handling, passing and shooting

Most drills are taught in a multiple “Station” approach, with players changing drill stations throughout the ice session and learning a different skill at each station.


Each player is required to have the following properly fitted equipment.

Hockey skates which have been sized for the player's feet

HECC approved helmet, with a full face mask, properly fitted for the player

Elbow and knee/shin pads ( worn underneath outer clothing )

Gloves, hockey style of the correct size. 

Stick – should be flat blade, no curve

Jerseys will be provided in the first few weeks of the season

Do not overdress your child , normally a sweatshirt and sweat pants are sufficient.

There are Instructional starter kits available from the local hockey shops for approximately $100. These shops will properly fit all the equipment and provide guidance on what you need.


One parent or responsible adult is required to be in the rink anytime their child is on the ice. There are situations, such as sickness or injury which would require players to leave the ice.

*** This requirement is strictly enforced! ***


The Warwick Junior Hockey Association is a completely volunteer organization; as such the League and Instructional Program needs help. If you are interested in helping out in any way just let us know.

On-ice coaches must have at least basic hockey skills and be willing to commit to all ice sessions . All Instructional Program coaches are required to participate in a mandatory USA Hockey Initiation Program Coaches Clinic The clinic dates are scheduled on several dates within the State. The clinic involves a minimal cost and approximately 6 hours to complete.

If you have any questions about “Learn to Play” please Click Here

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